What type of communication includes three to ten people and can be intimate or formal quizlet?

any process in which people, through the use of symbols, verbally and/or
nonverbally, consciously or not consciously, intentionally or unintentionally, generate
meanings, (information, ideas, feelings, and perceptions) within and across various contexts.
Cultures, channels, and media

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Which type of communication normally involves two people and can range from intimate and very personal to formal and impersonal?

Interpersonal communication normally involves two people, and can range from intimate and very personal to formal and impersonal.

What are the three types of communication quizlet?

Public Communication. Mass Communication. Technology-Mediated Communication.

What are the types of communication quizlet?

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Intrapersonal Communication. Communication with one self and occurs only inside our heads. ... .
Interpersonal Communication. Communication between two or more people whose lives mutually influence one another. ... .
Group Communication. ... .
Public Communication. ... .
Mass Communication..

Which form of communication involves communicating with yourself quizlet?

However, you can also share with yourself—a process called intrapersonal communication—when you bring ideas to consciousness, ponder how you feel about something, or figure out the solution to a problem.